pro+ package

Recently, a subscriber was offered a Platinum Rolex President reference number 18346 circa 1990. Upon receiving the watch, our subscriber noticed that several links were slightly discolored. Recalling the Chronofy Guide’s specifications for examining Rolex links measurements and weights for authenticity, the subscriber removed the 3 links and weighed them independently.

Using the Chronofy reference material on page 12 of Volume 8, he weighed the links and discovered that the discolored links were actually white gold and not platinum like the other links. He then notified the seller and was able to negotiate the price for $1500 less than the original asking price.

Chronofy’s Guide and services gave our subscriber the tools he needed to make an educated decision as to the correct value of the watch.  Moreover, it reinforced good business practices by providing the subscriber with detailed knowledge of the watch thereby preventing future embarrassment, or worse, legal entanglements from resale of that watch.