It is our mission to redefine the pre-owned watch industry to create a fair and balanced marketplace by providing standardized buying guidelines, education, and accredited resources.

Chronofy is a multimedia watch valuation company based in Bala Cynwyd, PA and is the publisher and creator of The Chronofy Watch Guide, The Chronofy Pro Mobile App and The Chronofy Web Platform.


Until now jewelers have had to overcome numerous hurdles and obstacles simply to find the value of a pre-owned watch.  Information is neither centralized nor organized in an accessible and accurate manner, making it extremely difficult to price a watch accurately.  As a result, retailers are forced to turn away good business due to a lack of information and resources.

Chronofy’s tools and resources lend integrity to the watch buying process and give retailers the confidence to buy and sell luxury pre-owned watches at accurate prices. Educated retailers can now independently make the right decisions for their watch buying business.

Chronofy Pro


Chronofy is a subscription-based service available exclusively to the watch trade. The Mobile App & Web Portal are updated regularly and the Printed Guide is updated every 4 months, allowing watch dealers to buy or sell with confidence.

The Chronofy Mobile App is an easy-to-use application for the watch buying professional.  Clear images plus easy-to-read reference numbers make it simple for users to search for a watch and its current market value among the thousands of watches in its database. The Watch Guide provides suggested current market values for each watch based on “Mint”, “Average” or “Rough” condition.

Chronofy’s pricing is carefully established by a team of independent experts who have been selected based on their expertise and knowledge in a specific watch brand.  Each expert brings an average of 15 years of experience and participates annually in numerous watch shows worldwide.  It is this exceptional team with their pulse on the market that allows Chronofy to publish the most accurate, current and independent prices available in the luxury pre-owned watch market today.


Chronofy’s listed prices are designed to protect watch buyers by providing prices that are backed by a Purchase Guarantee.  Subscribers can rely on the published prices knowing that when a customer walks in offering to sell a watch, Chronofy’s listed price is guaranteed — Chronofy will pay you the listed price for the watch.  Subscribers have no obligation to sell the watch to Chronofy.

  1. SUBMIT: Submit your Purchase Guarantee Request/Support Request.
  2. QUALIFY: Receive a confirmation via email that your watch qualifies under the Purchase Guarantee Program or a Reply to your Support Request.
  3. EXECUTE: Sell the watch to us at the same evaluation price within 15 days of your submission.

** Chronofy will often be able to detect a counterfeit watch by photo; however, Chronofy cannot guarantee the authenticity of a watch without an in-person evaluation.


Counterfeit and stolen watches are a serious problem for watch buyers. Chronofy’s Theft Check helps reduce the likelihood of making a costly mistake.  Simply enter the serial number of the watch you’re considering and Chronofy’s Theft Check service searches 18,000+ law enforcement and insurance industry databases to instantly alert you whether the watch has been reported stolen, lost, has an insurance claim or has a suspect serial number.

  1. SUBMIT: Enter the serial number of the watch.
  2. RESULTS: Receive verification that the watch has passed or failed.
  3. RECEIVE: PDF Report sent to your email.


  • Chronofy’s Theft Check service is limited to identifying as possibly stolen only those watches that have been reported to law enforcement agencies that share this information with non-law enforcement entities such as Chronofy.
  • Reporting into Federal Law Enforcement (NCIC) databases are controlled at the local level and can take up to 90 days.


  • Simple, Easy to Read Detailed Watch Descriptions

  • No Abbreviations

  • Clear Reference Number with Sizes

  • Full Color Images for each Watch

  • Current Market Pricing by Condition

Language and CurrencyLANGUAGE and CURRENCY

  • English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and more.

  • US Dollar, Australian Dollar, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, Indian Rupee, Israeli Shekel, Singapore Dollar, South African Rand, Swiss franc and UAE Dirham.