The CHRONOFY WATCH GUIDEis a subscription-based publication, published by Chronofy, LLC (“Chronofy”), that reports market value pricing to the watch trade industry exclusively.

The CHRONOFY WATCH GUIDE™ contains subjective opinions of the value of certain pre-owned watches based upon assumptions that may be inaccurate. These valuations represent a subjective view of the value of the listed watches, are subject to change depending on market condition and the individual physical condition of the individual watch at issue, and the valuations should not be relied upon as statements of fact or objective evidence of value. These valuation opinions may be inaccurate, and the true value of any individual watch is the amount that a willing buyer would pay a willing seller for the watch. The opinions of value listed herein are for educational purposes only. The CHRONOFY WATCH GUIDE™ is not affiliated with or authorized in any way by any of the manufacturers whose products are referenced herein.

The CHRONOFY WATCH GUIDE™ should not be used to determine the authenticity of a watch. The CHRONOFY WATCH GUIDE™ is not a manufacturer of watches. Only the manufacturer can authenticate a watch as being genuine.

The CHRONOFY WATCH GUIDE™ acknowledges and respects the intellectual property rights of others.

All trademarks, product names, logos, brands, and/or proprietary designs referenced in the CHRONOFY WATCH GUIDE™ belong to their respective owners and are only used nominatively and to the extent necessary to refer to the products depicted herein. The brand owners referenced in this guide, including, but not limited to, Rolex SA, Cartier International S.A. Genève, Audemars Piguet & Cie, Patek Philippe & Co., Breitling SA, and each of their subsidiaries (collectively the “Brand Owners”) are not affiliated with theCHRONOFY WATCH GUIDE™, and the Brand Owners do not sponsor or endorse the CHRONOFY WATCH GUIDE™ in any way. The use of the Brand Owners’ trademarks, product names, logos, brands, and/or proprietary designs referenced in the CHRONOFY WATCH GUIDE™ in no way indicates, and is not intended to infer, any relationship or affiliation between the Brand Owners and the CHRONOFY WATCH GUIDE™.

The dollar amounts shown are simply a reference point to help in approximating value and are not actual sale prices. Actual sale prices may be substantially different than the estimated value amounts reflected herein. Also, allow for price fluctuations based on market conditions. Chronofy’s commitment to purchase a watch based on its current listed price is contingent upon the seller first obtaining from Chronofy a written pre-approval to purchase the watch.

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information in The Chronofy Watch Guide™. Unfortunately, however, mistakes and typographical errors may nevertheless happen. In this case, Chronofy reserves the right to correct any mistakes.

Pricing within the guide is carefully established by a team of independent experts who have been carefully selected based on their expertise and specialization in a specific watch brand. Each expert brings an average of 15 years of experience and participates annually in 10 watch shows worldwide.  It is this exceptional team with their pulse on the market that allows Chronofy to publish the most accurate, current and independent prices available in the pre-owned watch market today.

While Chronofy does not purchase watches, it does however, provide a Purchase Guarantee to its Subscribers through its Buyers Network Program.  This program consists of approved and independent watch dealers that will guarantee purchase of any watch, based on its current condition, at the same price listed in the most updated data in our mobile application (available for download on iPhone and Android) . Chronofy’s Purchase Guarantee to purchase a watch based upon its current listed price is contingent upon the subscriber first obtaining written approval from one of our independent watch dealers in our Chronofy network.


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