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Today’s Luxury Watch Guide: The Chronofy App

Reliable Current Prices for All Luxury Watch Brands


Updated 50+ times a year, the Chronofy app provides guaranteed real world prices for all the world’s top watch brands in three condition grades, theft checks, real-time feedback from industry experts & more.  Buy with confidence when you choose Chronofy!

Risk Free No Fear Watch Buying Guaranteed

Designed for professional jewelry retailers, pawn shop owners, and other watch buying professionals, Chronofy offers the most comprehensive, accurate and timely pricing information available today. Best of all: Chronofy’s prices are an absolute sure thing. Sell the watches you purchase on your sale floor, or take advantage of Chronofy’s Purchase Guarantee Program!

Industry Leading Theft Check Protection

Never buy a stolen watch with Chronofy! In seconds, Chronofy searches more than 18,000 law enforcement and insurance industry databases, telling you if the watch you’re considering has been reported stolen, lost, in an insurance claim or as a fraudulent item. Protect yourself with the most up to date information.

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Try Chronofy FREE for 14 Days

It’s Time To Make Some Money.

Chronofy is the tool every jewelry professional and serious watch buyer needs. Current pricing information for all luxury watch brands, in three condition grades, with extra support available from Chronofy’s team of pre-owned luxury watch experts.  Discover all reward, no risk watch-buying.

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“The goal of The Chronofy Watch Guide™” claims Joseph Akar, “ is to take the guesswork out and put confidence in to buying and selling pre-owned watches.” Bob Dimatina, Owner of Payless Jewelers, agrees “It never leaves my side….I always have it next to me in the store or it is in my briefcase for outside appointments…it’s an invaluable tool”