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Chronofy Watch Guide

Our Mobile App is updated on a weekly basis.  The printed volume every 4 months.

Now watch dealers can buy or sell with confidence!


Chronofy, Inc. is a multimedia watch valuation company based in Miami, Florida and the publisher of The Chronofy Watch Guide.
An innovative tool to help watch dealers identify, valuate and authenticate luxury pre-owned watches.

Pricing within The Chronofy Watch Guide is carefully established by a team of independent experts.
Each has been selected based on their expertise and specialization in a specific watch brand.
Each expert brings an average of 15 years of experience and participates annually in 10 watch shows worldwide.
It is this exceptional team with their pulse on the market that allows Chronofy to publish the most accurate,
current and independent prices available in the luxury pre-owned watch market today.

Why Us

Trusted Source - Chronofy Watch Guide

  • Current Market Pricing by Condition
  • Pricing by Independent Brand Experts
  • Purchase Guarantee Program
  • Theft Check (Currently in Beta Testing)
  • No Abbreviations
  • Clear Reference Numbers with Sizes
  • Full Color Images for each Watch
  • Detailed Item Descriptions
  • Simple and Easy to Read
  • Educational & Training Seminars
  • Tips on Recognizing Fake Watches
  • Mobile Application & Web Portal
  • Access to Industry Experts

Purchase Guarantee

Chronofy Purchase Guarantee

What is the Purchase Guarantee?

  • Our easy and fast guarantee approval process eliminates the fear and
    risk from buying watches.
  • If you buy a watch use our pricing guarantee guidelines, we guarantee
    to buy it from you within 15 business days from submission.
  • Stolen and fake watches are not longer a concern


1. SUBMIT: Submit your Purchase Guarantee Request.
2. QUALIFY: Confirm that your watch qualifies under the Purchase
Guarantee Program.
3. EXECUTE: Sell the watch to us at the same evaluation price within
15 days of your submission.

Please contact us with any watch you would like to sell and we will facilitate the process. Our office number is (305) 379-7989